Small and Medium Loan

Are you a small business owner and looking for opportunity to expand it? Delta small & medium Loan product is designed to help business that need funds for expanding equipment purchase, increase working capital and more. You can also use our refinance service if you are an existing borrow and want to improve your loan condition.

  • Simple conditions and fast approval service
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Loan term and repayment mode is flexible
  • Bridge-finance loan (switching loan from another MFIs/NGOs to DELTA within 1 working day)
  • Hard title deeded is not required to register @ cadastral office
  • For use as a client’s rebate
  • For business use
  • To meet the financial needs of customers to expand their businesses
  • To meet the financial needs of small and medium enterprises to expand their business
  • For personal use, improve home improvement.
  • For paying institutional / individual fees
Interest rate 1,5% per month and Above
Loan amount Start from USD 2,501 to USD 50,000
Loan Term
  • 2,501 USD to 5,000 USD (48 Months)
  • 5,001 USD to 7,000 USD (60 Months)
  • 7,001 USD to 10,000 USD (72 Months)
  • 10,001 USD to 40,000 USD (84 Months)
  • 40,001 USD to 50,000 USD (96 Months)
Collateral All kinds of collaterals are accepted. These are noted as follows.

  • Soft title deed
  • Hard title deed
  • Third Party title deeds
  • Another type of collaterals, can be negotiate

Loan Repayment

  • Equal monthly principal and interest (“EMP”)
  • Equal monthly Installment (“EMI”)
  • Equal Monthly/Semi-Annually/Annually Principal Repayment and Interest monthly.

Early Loan Repayment
75% of interest to be collected is given back to clients when they pay off the loan.


  • Borrower of 18-65 years old
  • Legal, harmless business (not an environmentally or socially damaging business).
  • Loan repayment capacity is exceeded 70% of net cash flow from the business per period (Principal and Interest)
  • Positive information at Credit Bureau of Cambodia

Required Documents

  • Completed Application form
  • National ID/Passport/Family Book
  • Collateral Documents (strong/soft title deeds/car/motor registration card, etc.)
Please visit and DELTA branches close to your office or location or talk to our lending specialist or contact our customer service or by or call at 081 777 155 for more information.

What is Small and Medium Loan?

Small and Medium Loan is a loan that provides the customer a great source of funding for expanding and developing new business.

What Is the Interest rate?

The interest rates of Small & Medium loan are:

– 21.60% p.a. for loan amount
– 21.60 to 18% p.a. for loan amount >US$10,000

What Is the Loan Term?

Loan Term is 6 months up

What are the basic eligibility criteria to apply small & Medium Loan?

The basic eligibility criteria of the borrower to apply for small & Medium Loan are:

– Must be in business for at least 3 months
– Sound financial stability of the business
– Soft & strong title deeded on his/her own or third party’s name can be accepted as collateral to pledge for the loan.

For more details, please talk to our specialist.

How can I apply for the loan?

Please visit and DELTA branches close to your office or location or talk to our lending specialist or contact our customer service or by or call at 096 249 7777 for more information.

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