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To achieve its mission, Delta has designed the best products to provide a wide range of financial services to people in the urban city and rural community with a reasonable and affordable price for sustainability.

Currently, Delta and International University (IU) have worked closely to design “Student Loan” to help students pay their university tuition, books, and other materials at IU at the new academic year.

Student Loan’s terms and conditions are the most favorable one among all our loan products: low interest rate, flexible loan term and repayment mode, no collateral, and guarantor. The total amount of loan can be up to USD 5,000 with the interest rate as low as 1.6% and with unlimited loan term.

Students can choose to study any subject of their interest from one of the famous faculties (agricultural and rural development, business and economics, social sciences and journalism, dentistry, laws, medicine and pediatrics, pharmacy) at IU, the well-known university in Cambodia.

Mr. Tha Thon, CEO of Delta, said, “Student Loan will be our best product because it will help many students from both the countryside and Phnom Penh city achieve their education goal. Their parents will be able to afford such a low price product.” He also stated that the information about student loan should be shared and spread to all parents and students throughout Cambodia so that they can submit their application before the new academic year begins.

For more information about student loan, please contact Delta via 0962497777/ 0235326888 or visit

For more information about academic program at IU, please contact IU via 023881623 or visit
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