Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be the outperformed financial institution that participates in sustainable economic development in the ASEAN Community.


Provide a wide range of financial service to the people in the urban city and rural community with a reasonable and affordable price for sustainability.


Accountability- At Delta we are responsible and accountable for our activities.
Customer-Focused- At Delta we strive to serve and satisfy the needs of customers. Concentration of customers is tremendous contributions to the success of the business.
Commitment to excellent- At Delta we commit to exceed the expectations in overall aspects of our services and tasks. We believe our staff members develop a sense of personal commitment to our core values and culture of excellence in serving our customers.
Hospitality/Morality- At Delta we are friendly and generous reception and entertainment of clients, conference delegates, or other official visitors. We apply the moral standards to everything that we do – with customers and communities as well as with our people.

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